Pet Airways First Flight

Part 1 of Flight 1101 - July 14th

Hello all Pet Parents and Pet Airways Fans

Flight 1101, our inaugural flight is in the air from Chicago to Los Angeles

We had a great flight from NY to Chicago, all our pawsengers were either napping or just relaxing.

The air temp in the cabin was great, even our snub nose guys told me the temp and air quality was purrrrrfect

Our catengers were all happy.

Along the route we offered water to those that wanted it.

In Chicago, all the pawsengers voted to have deep dish Chicago pizza, but I told them that all their mommies and daddies would not let me take them to the pizzaria, so we all ate dog and cat food

Everyone got to take several potty breaks, got out to walk and jump and have fun

Our catengers were all tranfered into larger kennels so they could stretch and have kiity litter time.

Well be in Denver and LA soon and we are happy to be able to provide this flight in the main cabin instead of cargo for all these terrific family members.

No more cargo for our four legged family members.

Thanks for you confidence in Pet Airways. We will always do our best to provide a safe and comfortable alternative to cargo Part 2 of Flight 1101 - July 15th

Pet Airways Fans!

We just took off from Rocky Mountain Airport in beautiful Denver

We are crossing the rockies and its a magnificent day to fly

The hills are alive with the sounds of happy pawsengers on board Pet Airways flight 1101 bound for Los Angeles

Everyone on board is quiet and resting well

The air temp in the cabin is about 65 degrees and lots of it for easy breathing

We'll be in LA shortly and look forward to dis-emBARKING all of our pawsengers for a nice nite on the town in LA

Dan Wiese

l Pres - CEO Pet Airways

On board Flight 1101 flying over Iowa City with Captain Casey Martin at the controls Dan