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Pet Airways Current Information

Pet Airways is not in service at this time.

Take a Hike Tips

By Kim Campbell Thornton
There’s no easier way to spend time outdoors with your dog than to go on a hike. Even if you live in a big city, there’s a good chance that you have easy access to good hiking trails no more than a half-hour drive away.And any time you book a Pet Airways flight, follow up by sniffing out the nearest dog-friendly hiking trails at your destination. It’s a great way for both of you to shake the kinks out from your flights.

Pet People: Meet the Pet Airways Founders

Introducing the new 'Pet People' section of our Pet Travel Channel, a place where we'll chat to our friends in the pet-world about their own four-legged friends and their top pet travel tips. We're kicking this off with a chat with Dan and Alysa, the Pet Airways founders.

Where do you live?
When we’re not traveling as we run Pet Airways, we live in Florida.

Pet Airways Founders Dan & Alysa

Where do you live? When we’re not traveling as we run Pet Airways, we live in Florida.

What do you do? Our goal with Pet Airways was to create a safe and comfortable alternative to flying pets in cargo. We want to be able to provide this service to all the pets in the country.

Lucy at The Honest Kitchen

Lucy Postins, founder of The Honest Kitchen

Where do you live? La Jolla, California. (Stay tuned for more on Lucy's local pet-friendly picks soon!)

Terra at Pet Airways, Chicago

What do you do? I’m the Lounge Operations Manager. I make certain that operations go smoothly for all parties involved.

What’s the best part of your job? Pick-up time! When the pets and pet parents reunite.

Getting Into Agility

By Kim Campbell Thornton

If you have a dog that can leap a fence in a single bound, has been known to climb up on kitchen counters and has the speed of Superdog, you may have a candidate for agility trials on your hands.

Gentle Giant Pawsenger Spotlight

Name: Bella
Age: 2 years
Breed: Newfoundland
Flew From: Chicago to Phoenix
Carry-On Item: A knot-tied t-shirt


Hemi & Tyson's Pet-Friendly Chicago

Christine Pundavela is the communications coordinator at the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture. She lives with two dogs—4-year-old Boston Terrier Hemi and 5-year-old Boxer/Pit Bull mix Tyson.


About Pet Airways

Transporting Pets:
If you want to transport your dog or cat by air, Pet Airways is the safest way to fly your pet. Pets traveling on Pet Airways fly in the main cabin of our aircraft. Pets are continuously watched over by our On-Board Pet Attendants. Our Pet Lounges are pet–friendly, of course, and all our team are pet professionals.

Whether you are shipping a dog that has been rescued, need to move your dog to another city, flying your new puppy home, or just want to vacation with your cat or travel with your dog, Pet Airways is dedicated to making pet transportation safe and comfortable for your pet.

How to Transport a Pet by Air
There are 4 ways to ship a pet:

  • Fly with your pet. If your pet is small and under 20lbs, you can fly with your pet by putting it under your seat. If your pet is too large, your pet flies in cargo hold.
  • Ship your pet, just like you ship a package. You take your pet to the cargo department of the airline, and your dog or cat are transported just just like they transport all their packages, in the cargo hold.
  • Hire a Pet Shipper. Pet Shippers provide the convenience of taking and picking up your pet from the cargo department of the airlines. Your pet flies in the cargo hold.
  • Transport your pet with Pet Airways the one and only pet airline. Our pets are "pawsengers" and we treat them with TLC throughout the pet travel experience.

So, if you are travelling with your dog, moving with your cat across the country, taking a vacation with your pet, transporting a pet to grandma for a visit, Pet Airways is the pet-only airline, where the pet safety is our most important job. All we do is fly pets, safely.