Pawsenger of the Week, May 13, 2011

Name: Trip
Breed: Mixed Breed
Flew From: Chicago to New York

Pet Airways report:: Trip traveled with Pet Airways to start the next phase of his life—pursuing his career opportunities at Animal Farm Foundation in upstate New York. Two-year-old Trip was rescued from squalor and malnourishment during a police raid in October 2010 and taken to Chicago Animal Care and Control. He was introduced to the Court Case Dog Program of Safe Humane Chicago, Best Friends Animal Society and Chicago Animal Care and Control in January 2011. This program provides dogs who have been associated with neglect and cruelty a protocol of socialization, training and enrichment. Volunteers search for shelters who will take them in and find loving homes. Trip will try his paw at service work and canine sports during his first few weeks at Animal Farm Foundation. And even if he ends up not finding his bliss in those programs, the Animal Farm Foundation folks have no doubt he will find a loving home. We agree:Trip warmed our hearts!