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Pet Travel Channel

Pet Airways First Flight

Part 1 of Flight 1101 - July 14th

Hello all Pet Parents and Pet Airways Fans

Flight 1101, our inaugural flight is in the air from Chicago to Los Angeles

We had a great flight from NY to Chicago, all our pawsengers were either napping or just relaxing.

The air temp in the cabin was great, even our snub nose guys told me the temp and air quality was purrrrrfect

Our catengers were all happy.

Along the route we offered water to those that wanted it.

Southwest is finally accepting pets in the cabin

We are very excited to hear the news that Southwest is now accepting pets in the main cabin. We at Pet Airways actually prefer it, if your pet is small enough, that you take it with you. There’s no substitute for your pet’s comfort and ease of mind if it can be with you all the times.

But what if your pet is too big to fit in that tiny space under your seat? You know the answer; it’s off to cargo for them (in Southwest’s case no where because they don’t take pets in cargo).

Getting Catty – on Purpose – with Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy answers to many names: Cat Trainer, Cat Whisperer and yes, even Cat Shrink. That’s because he offers many insights into frustrating and fascinating cat behaviors. An animal behavior consultant, he makes house calls in southern California and conducts phone consultations coast to coast with people perplexed and puzzled about their cats’ attitudes and actions.

Keep Fit With Your Dog While Traveling

I happily admit that my favorite travel mates are my dogs, Chipper and Cleo. All I have to say is, “Do you want to go….” and before I can finish my sentence, they are prancing and heading for their leashes. They are always ready to sniff out new places.

We have boarded pet airlines to make trips across the country and hopped in my SUV to travel throughout the West. We look forward to flying soon on Pet Airways to visit more pet-friendly destinations coast to coast.


Dear Pet Lovers,

Last night we received a disturbing call from Christie in Tampa who has been receiving emails about the shipment of a puppy that was basically being held hostage “at our agency” directing her to send money for the release of the pet.

Apologies to all Pet Travelers! We were Bitten by the Response

Dear Pet Lovers,

Today was an incredible day. In a press release, we announce the date of our first flight, July 14th, and that our reservations system was available to make reservations.

Then we were bitten by the response!

Pet Airways Is Taking Off!

Pet Airways is officially taking reservations!
We've scheduled New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles as our first cities, and boy, do we have a “treat” for your pet when it comes to prices.

PetMeds Partners with Pet Airways, an Airline Exclusively for Pets

April 28, 2009 America's Largest Pet Pharmacy, PetMeds (NASDAQ: PETS), has partnered with Pet Airways, a sophisticated flight alternative designed for the safety and comfort of traveling pets... read more

Sedate A Dog Or Cat Before Air Travel?

Dogs are great travel companions. They don’t keep asking how much longer it is until you get there and they’re always ready for at ail-wagging good time.

But unless you’re driving to your destination, transporting your dog can be a problem. Unless he can fly in first-class style with us on Pet Airways or ride in the cabin with you, his trip in the cargo bay can be nasty, brutish and long.


Getting pets from A to B—and everywhere in between

Pet Airways is not in service at this time.